Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let me tell you what to do!

Let me tell you what to do!

You learnt all your life by learning what the newspapers told you, what your parents mouthed, what your friends chose, what your neighbors supported, what your music advocated, what your colleague declared, what your teacher predicated, what you heard, saw, breathed, felt.

So, now, hear me out.

Cut the distaste, leave the apathy, forget the frustration, fuck the anger.

Move on. It sounds brutal in the wake of bringing the very politicians you elected down; of putting down the very media you consume everyday.

Move on. It sounds insensitive in the time of honoring the very dead NSGs whose existence surprised you, the coming together of the very citizens with whom you were trying to compete with for jobs and admissions.

What else can one do! We are trying to be constructive here! We are learning from our mistakes! People are coming together through rallies and marches, people are caring once again and the citizen’s movement is reawaking.

I am all for it. Just hear me out on this last one.

You want to do something, change yourself, embody the values of someone who is just, sensitive and strong. Participate in the political process. Hold yourself accountable. It sounds like I am simplifying the matter – but on a basic level, it is about “being the change you want to see in the world.” Live the very exemplar in yourself.

Sometimes the strength is not in numbers, it is in the sentiment, it is in you.

I rest my case.