Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts you can give me this holiday season

I would hate for you to be confused about what to buy me this holiday season. So, here is a list:

- A backpack/ handbag

- Shoes/sandals (never enough)

- Earrings (anytime, anyhow, any number)

- Money (I am going on a long trip. You could sponsor a lunch or so)

- Winter Clothes (that includes a whole lot of options, so use your imagination)

- Jewelry (this is a separate point from the earrings, because earrings deserve a separate point)

- Books – Anything else by Malcolm Gladwell other than Blink and by Tim Harford other than The Undercover Economist and others if you feel generous.

- Sunglasses

PS: All gifts make me happy – some more than the others, but ALL GIFTS MAKE ME HAPPY.

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